Hello, I'm Lakia from Virginia. I work two jobs, I'm a student, I'm a coach, active in my sorority, active in my daughter extra-curricular activities, and I'm a SINGLE MOM!

Do it get hard for me sometimes, YES but fortunately I have support. With me knowing how it is being brought up in a single parent home, I never wanted to raise my child in a simular sutation but unfortunately things didn't work out so it was time to tighten up. No more two incomes, rent and bills still need to be paid so I had to do what I had to do. In the beginning it was hard to take in. It made me angry and bitter.

Then I had to sit back and think..."what am I mad for". I said to myself "..I turned out very good, living a successful life, two degrees and I have a job". My life is not over, it's just altered. I bust my butt every day to provide for my child and to make sure she wants for nothing. I don't plan to be a single mom forever but I will forever be a mom and my daughter is my top priority. I'm proud to say that I am very blessed to have my family who support me 100% and blessed that her father is actively in her life. 

So I encourage not only single moms but

ALL moms to stay strong, stay motivated, stay positive,

have faith and continue to be the best MOM that you are!!!

Lakia,Chesapeake VA

Olivia, Philadelphia, PA

Single M.O.M to me is more than just a name because it has almost a

double meaning when I think about it.

I'm not a biological "mom" to anyone yet but I still take on the role of "mom" to many as a Godmother, aunt, cousin etc.

Then when I break down Single Motivated, Optimistic, Mentor it embodies everything that the children look for in me to have while modeling the role as a "mom.

" I honestly believe anyone can incorporate Single M.O.M into their life.

These are qualities that we should all strive for when we have others looking up to us. You don't have to be a Single M.O.M. to be a Single M.O.M.